The owner and founder of Orson Hill Realty was born in Ohio. In his early 20’s he packed his bags and moved to Key West, FL in search of sunshine. He found it there for about 7 wonderful years. Always in love with Florida since he head the song “A Pirate Looks at 40”. He met his (ex) wife in Key West on a dive trip. She wasn’t all into that Key West scene but he wasn’t really done with the sunshine. He figured the old saying “happy wife, happy life”. So he and his family packed up and moved to North Carolina. After buying and owning a Motel in the Outer Banks of North Carolina (had the beach for him but not the sunshine) and living in the beautiful Outer Banks for about 3 years he sold his motel and moved to Fort Myers, FL. Thinking this would be his forever home he started a print business and marketing company. Most of his clients were in the real estate business. This was before online signatures so he printing contracts and doing direct mail. He also started a web design and online marketing company that specialized in real estate.

Then 2008 came. This was not best time to have a bunch of 30 day net invoices out to real estate agents in SW Florida. He closed the business and moved the family to Evergreen, CO. Dan always said “if you’re going to be landlocked, this is the best place to do it”. There he started working for Keller Williams. That was a great place to start your real estate career but he felt it was time to move on. He opened Orson Hill Realty in Evergreen, CO. The winters began to be just a bit too long. Loving the summers but the winter, not so much. This is why he decided to buckle down and get his Florida real estate license on top of his Colorado employing broker license. He then decided to open the Florida office. There is nothing like having a reason to go to Florida when the cold Colorado winter sets in.

Dan has finally created the ability to live in the beautiful Florida sunshine once again. Although he still loves, lives and runs his Colorado office, the ocean has called him back one more time. Dan has always felt something magical about the ocean. Something that just isn’t felt on land. Once again, Dan has the luxury of being home again by the water.

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