Josh and his brother Noah run the family business, Adventure Paradise, which offers tours, mussels and wildlife viewing in addition to a themed clothing store. Many Sanibel pubs, including a seafood restaurant founded by a local fishing guide and a famous author turned ice cream parlour owned by an army vet who grew up and returned home are mainstays of the island’s adventure paradise. The family business can’t help but radiate charm in the blink of an eye and keep winning you over for more.

The family-friendly Sanibel Island and its little sister Captiva Island, located just 25 miles south of Fort Myers, attract Florida vacationers who are looking for beautiful beaches and opportunities to explore the area’s rich ecosystem. Sanibel’s sandy beaches are the main attraction for most, and not only because of the long stretches of sand that crash into the surf. Bowmans Beach on Sanibel is the most popular as it feels secluded and has a beautiful coastline that attracts windsurfers and sailors.

Look at the only undeveloped beach on the islands, Bowman Beach, at the western end of Sanibel. When you reach the beach, you pass through an old blind pass where you can see and wade through birds, mangroves and lagoons. The beach stretches for kilometres along the blinds of Sanibel Island.

Sanibel Island is located on the southwest coast of the Florida peninsula and is a natural refuge for a variety of marine life. With easy access to the dam, the island is a popular tourist destination known as Sanibel Shell Beach Wildlife Refuge. More than half of Sanibel consists of a nature reserve, the largest being the J. N. Ding dArle National Wildlife Refuge.

Formed more than 6000 years ago by the constant flow of sea waves, its sandy coastline has worn over time, contrasting with the tall palm trees and rough mangroves that mark the interior of the island. Sanibel Island the preservation of this heritage and the constant respectful management of the island make it a true gem to experience and enjoy for yourself. Sanibel Island has 15 miles of beaches known for their pristine sand and abundant shells. Due to its east-west orientation, the island is ideal for searching for over 250 species of shellfish through the tides of the gulf.

Sanibel Island and Captiva Island in Florida are the perfect choice for your vacation, whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a family getaway or a nature retreat. The picturesque island of Sanibel is known for its shimmering sandy beaches which offer a treasure trove of impressive shells. Breathtaking sunsets and playful dolphins add to the excitement of boat trips. The beautiful waters around the island offer some of the best fishing in the world.

Enjoy the beautiful wildlife, white sandy beaches, delicious seafood and much more. Guests on Sanibel Island can expect a comfortable stay in Sanibel Islands hotels, guesthouses and guest houses, unforgettable island dining experiences and superb Sanibel restaurants, and the island offers plenty of activities and variety on the beach. Nature tours, bike and Segway rentals, golf, tennis and cinema in the old schoolhouse theatre provide entertainment.

Enjoy a journey through 150 hectares of semi-manicured, natural barrier island terrain. They will be surrounded by a 330-hectare game reserve where dolphins and manatees are regulars.

The island has a great sandy beach and an abundance of shells. Sanibel Beach attracts visitors from all over the world because of the large quantities of shells that are washed ashore. View from West Gulf Drive Beach Access Point 7 in Sanibel, Lee County, Florida north along the beach.

The only tall buildings on the island were built before the city was founded. Most condominiums and hotels on the island of San Juan are at most two or three storeys. The only fast-food restaurants on the islands are Dairy Queen and Subway, and laws have been passed to ban fast-food chains from high-rise buildings.

There are many nice beachfront accommodations on Sanibel, but accommodations can be a bit expensive in low season. A few places, but not all, on the island are priced for the winter season, which means $175 per night. If you are not willing to spend that much on the Fort Myers side of the dam, then you should consider staying that side and visiting Sanibel during the day.

My guests noted that swimming with manatees and being greeted by herons during the day is not uncommon. Regardless of the season you want to visit, our Sanibel Island condos provide the perfect place to rest at night.

Sanibel is an island town in the Gulf of Mexico in Lee County, Florida. It is connected to the smaller island of Captiva at its end by a short bridge over the blind pass. Sanibel is approximately two and a half hours southeast of Tampa and 45 minutes southwest of Fort Myers, so it feels far away from its city neighbors.

The island combined is connected by a long toll bridge and an embankment from the mainland at Punta Rassa to Fort Myers to the mainland. Sanibel was an important settlement for the powerful Calusa Indian nation, which dominated most of southwest Florida during the years of European colonization.

The unincorporated island of Capitva has many similarities with Sanibel Island, but it also has its own unique personality as a historical community. You can learn more about the island by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

Sanibel Island is located in the south of Florida, with a tropical and humid climate, with daily maximum temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius in midwinter to 32 degrees Celsius in summer. The average maximum temperature in June, July and August is in the 90s, while the lowest temperature remains warmer in the 70s.