Fun Things to Do in Fort Myers, Florida

Danny Skelly  |  August 29, 2021


Fun Things to Do in Fort Myers Florida: A Guide for First Time Visitors

Fort Myers Florida is a great place to visit and to live. There is something for everyone to do. All ages and interests can satisfied with all the things there are to do. Fishing, Swimming or just enjoying a drink on the water. There are so many fun things to do in Fort Myers, Florida.

Fort Myers Beach

If you are looking for a night out at the beach Fort Myers Florida is the place for you. It is definitely the place to be if you want to enjoy the beach in Fort Myers Florida. If you have never been to Fort Myers Beach it is definitely a place you need to try. Cruising One of the best things to do in Fort Myers Florida is to go out on a cruise. There are so many cruises available. From the Underwater ROV Dive, Ship Wreck Dive, Paddleboard, or Ocean Kayak. The Underwater ROV Dive and Paddleboard are great for divers. The Ship Wreck Dive and Ocean Kayak tours are great for the average thrill seeker. Kissimmee Parks Fort Myers is just as lucky to have a plethora of parks that are perfect for relaxing. There is no better place for a picnic in Fort Myers Florida than Kissimmee Park.

Things to Do in Fort Myers Florida

Just to name a few there are many fun things to do in Fort Myers Florida. Take a Ride on the ATV/UTV Trails You can get from here to there pretty quickly on these trails. ATV rides cost $10 a person and there is no charge for children. This is a great way to get to a secret spot or just to discover some new trail. Go Fishing There are so many places to go fishing in Fort Myers. There are charter boat companies and private fishermen too. You can go on private boats or tour companies. Either way you can catch some fresh fish. They are easy to catch and the fish are delicious. Take a Skiing or Snowboarding Trip The best way to really see all of Fort Myers is to go on a skiing or snowboarding trip. This can be fun for all ages. There are a lot of resorts close by.

Spend Time Shopping

Just like other places in Florida, the malls and shopping centers of Fort Myers are a great place to spend some time. Walk around and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Make a stop at The Mall at Millenia. It is the largest mall in the United States. This is the place where you can find everything your heart desires. Visiting a Museum Another place worth visiting is the Fort Myers Historical Museum. It is a great place to visit for anyone who loves history. This is the place to look at vintage cars, weapons, fossils, and more. You can also learn about the history of Fort Myers by visiting the Fort Myers Museum of Art, the Limegrover Museum of Photography, and the Museum of Science and History. There are many great museums in Fort Myers, Florida. There is something for everyone.

Visit The Florida Gulf Coast Zoo

Fort Myers Florida is a great place to visit and to live. There is something for everyone to do. All ages and interests can satisfied with all the things there are to do. Fishing, Swimming or just enjoying a drink on the water. There are so many fun things to do in Fort Myers, Florida. It is important to know that Florida has all the sights. So, visit one of the most visited places, the Florida Gulf Coast Zoo. Located in Fort Myers, Florida, this Zoo is famous for the biggest collection of both wild and captive native animals in the USA. SeaWorld There are so many shows you can see at SeaWorld. Come and have the time of your life. If you love it, you can make a living out of it. There is a different show for everyone.

Learn About History and Culture

Fort Myers is an incredible spot for history and culture. There are many museums to visit. They feature so many incredible items and information. If you don’t feel like going to a museum, just wander around the downtown area and you will find some unique places. Attractions for Everyone There is something for everyone. If you are a history buff you can visit the Fort Myers Confederate Cemetery. There is so much to learn at this cemetery. If you are a history buff, it would be a waste not to visit the Polk Home National Historic Site. You can learn more about Lee County’s most famous resident. If you are an art lover, you can see the work of world famous painter Reuben Dalmaso. If you are into music, there is the Rialto Square Theater.

Go Out On A Boat

It doesn’t matter if you have never been fishing before you can try out your fishing skills on the boat tour. They also allow a few guests on the boat with you for a personalized experience. They also offer other types of water activities if you feel you need something more relaxing. You can also rent canoes and other water toys. You can go on kayak rides, if you feel like you might want more speed on the water. Check out The Causeway The Causeway is a bridge connecting the North and South Carolina parts of the state. The bridge is only accessible through one lane of traffic. With patience and guidance you can reach the top. But be careful as it is a very busy highway and you will need to be patient to cross.

Fort Myers Nightlife

If you are a night owl or just enjoy a few drinks during the week, Fort Myers has you covered. The best spots for drinking and dining in Fort Myers are in the cities downtown district. They have a variety of bars, clubs and restaurants that offer live music and drinks. All are available for night owls. You won’t have to go far and it’s a great place to meet other visitors. Some of the places that are most popular for both locals and tourists are Riverwalk, Super Duper Burger, and McDonald’s. You can enjoy every one of your drinks as you stroll the Riverwalk at night. Just like Orlando, Fort Myers has a plethora of adult entertainment establishments to keep you occupied during your visit.

Fun Things to Do in Fort Myers Florida for Kids

Fort Myers Florida is a great place for families to go and to enjoy all that Florida has to offer. If your kids love getting outside and playing in the water, then you can definitely bring them to the beach in Fort Myers, Florida. They will be able to experience just how much fun it is to go down the waterslides. They will also love playing at the many sand toys and having a swim in the ocean. If your kids are a little older, then you can bring them to ride on the zip line. They will be able to have an incredible view of Fort Myers, Florida from the top of the zip line. There are a lot of fun things to do for kids in Fort Myers, Florida.

Parks and Historic Sites

The city has a long list of places for you to visit. The parks are superbly maintained, especially the protected Cape Coral natural area. Fort Myers has a park within 5 minutes of every home. They are pet friendly, so bring your best friend along for some fun. Fort Myers also has their historic sites located throughout the city. They are located on every corner so you should be able to find them easily. You can find the locations of these sites on the Fort Myers Florida Tourism page. Fort Myers Fishing Pier If you are looking for a peaceful day on the water, Fort Myers Fishing Pier is the place for you. From the pier, you can fish for Florida Blue Gill. There are 8 fishing piers available to rent throughout Fort Myers, Florida.

Activities for Adults

Boating: The Waterfront is not only the beach, but is a great place to sit back and enjoy the great weather and the ever flowing waters. Even if you don’t own a boat, you can go fishing at one of the several public fishing piers in the area. You can also go surfing at The Watersports Center in Cape Coral. They have everything you need for beginners, intermediate and pro level. Visit a local brewery: If you are looking for a brewery to visit check out Fort Myers Florida. There are many local craft breweries for you to enjoy. There is one in particular that I really enjoyed. Every Sunday they have a special beer festival. It is one of the few local beer festivals to attend. Learn to play the guitar: There are a lot of guitar classes to take.

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