It seems like everywhere in the country is having a shortage of houses. Fort Myers is no exception. The buyers looking for houses for sale in Fort Myers are having a hard time finding inventory. There seem to be plenty of houses for sale in Fort Myers, they are just selling faster than normal. This could be many reasons. Maybe Fort Myers is just keeping in line with the rest of the country. Maybe it is a baby boomer thing. Maybe it is a political thing. Whatever the reason is not easy finding houses for sale in Fort Myers. 

Fort Myers has always been a fantastic draw for everyone. All ages and interests have been attracted to the close proximity to the water and the fun things to do in Fort Myers. As demand goes way up and inventory drops we will continue to see the real estate prices rise. This is happening in all real estate markets (well most real estate markets) through out the country.

Is This Housing Boom Creating a Bubble Like 2008 in Fort Myers?

This is a question real estate agents get all the time these days. Even in my Colorado market that has been crazy for 5 years. Some buyers still refuse to pay prices and continue to say the “bubble” word way too often. This appreciation streak has nothing to do with the problems created before the 2008 crash.

The Crash of “08

Without getting into politics of the crash of ’08 or stating much of my personal opinion, other than the circumstances are very different, we will just briefly touch on the issue of the real estate crash of 2008. There were plenty of houses for sale in the years up to 2008. ’08 was a very emotional buy in the real estate market. Not only the emotion of people qualifying for loans that never thought they could, but even investors. Many real estate investors were driven by emotion as well. That emotion could be the happiness of the money, could be greed, could be a lot of motivators. All I know is I knew people in Fort Myers that were over-extending themselves just to invest in more real estate expecting it to appreciate at the same level it had for a year. That was not the case. Luckily we have been seeing steady appreciation in the market for much longer. We are seeing stronger people getting mortgages.

Where Can I Find the Best Houses for Sale in Fort Myers, FL?

This website has many of the features you will need to find the perfect house that is for sale. With the advanced property search to create your perfect “wish list” of what your house needs to have. If you would like a waterfront house or a house with its own private boat dock, you can find it all!

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