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Danny Skelly  |  April 12, 2022

Dan Skelly – Luxury Realtor® in 2 States

Luxury Realtors®, Marco Island and agents at the best luxury real estate companies have experience selling your home to the right buyer and negotiating to maximize the final sale price. Dan Skelly at Platinum Real Estate specializes in properties over $1 million (I can help with any size transaction), so you can be confident that he has the professional experience to sell your home to the right buyer. Dan is a broker/owner of one of the top real estate agents in Denver and Denver Foothills. He lived in Florida most of his life until he moved to open his Colorado Company. He is back to business in Florida and is ready to be the best Realtor® on Marco Island for all your real estate needs. Although Dan Skelly is more than a high-end real estate company, Dan has a network of highly trained luxury Realtor® experts who have the experience to get buyers and sellers the best prices.

Buying or Selling a Luxury Property

If you’re selling or buying a Marco Island luxury home, working with a luxury real estate agent, like Dan, is the best way to make sure the process goes smoothly. You cannot enter the luxury market until you become a successful real estate agent. While all of the above rules must be met to become a real estate agent, if you want to become a luxury real estate agent, you will also need to earn professional certification as a certified luxury home marketer. If you want to be a luxury real estate agent or real estate agent, you need to know how to find people, interact with them, and get them to list you.

Marco Island Luxury Real Estate Market

Dan is a Marco Island luxury agent, who researches the local market, and gets the best outcome for his home buyers and sellers.

Most luxury Realtors® will have a standard marketing plan (although Dan “Tweaks” his to be property specific. – the services he always provides – but there should also be some aspects that are unique to your property, as well as the general history and theme of your homes. The best luxury agents enjoy top-notch professional real estate photography and are present during the photoshoot to make sure the right services and features are shown. The best luxury agents know how to get the attention of people who feel the home was built just for them and their needs, as well as people who have the means to purchase such exquisite real estate. Luxury real estate clients tend to work with a broker or agent they know personally, or with someone who personally recommends a luxury home.

Yes Luxury Real Estate Agents Earn Every Penny

Although luxury real estate agents can earn high commissions each time a luxury home is sold, luxury real estate agents still need to spend a lot of money on professional attire, marketing, and other expenses. Luxury agents have to develop extensive relationships with each other to find out that these ads are not working.

Dan Skelly offers a concierge program to help sellers prepare their properties for sale. The data relating to the properties for sale on this site is obtained in part from Southwest Florida MLS.

Marco Island is not unlike other global market and local real estate companies. Some of these firms arrange their own listings, while others provide auction services to major global intermediaries such as well-known international brands that coexist with numerous local companies with high-end luxury real estate portfolios.

Desiring to be more than just luxury real estate agents in North Scottsdale, Valley Luxury Partners uses their experience combined with value-added services to enhance the entire process of buying and selling luxury real estate. The luxury market requires a special agent with the right skills and a company with significant financial resources to effectively market and sell luxury properties.

Dan Skelly Will Market Your Luxury Listing Better Than Anyone Else (Property Specific Marketing to Bring Only the Best and Qualified Buyers).

Expect a high level of marketing and branding consistent with the luxury market being served, and when it comes to luxury marketing, agents are willing to put their “money where their mouth is”. Create a plan to consistently market yourself as a luxury lifestyle agency in your area with a high-quality website, strong social media presence, and landing pages. Build your profile by reading what luxury real estate agents read, attending events their clients attend, joining the right circle, learning the specific language of potential buyers, and educating yourself.

I Know My Buyers’ Needs

Getting to know a luxury buyer before they are ready to start shopping from home will give you an edge over other agents in your area. Experience in other related fields such as interior design, architecture, or construction can also help you position yourself as an expert in preparing luxury real estate for sale or building your dream property. A Certified Pricing Strategy Consultant allows your real estate agent to use advanced tools, education, and experience to help their clients through what can be one of the most difficult steps in the real estate process by getting the exact value of the home right.

Work With Danny

Danny makes the buying process very easy and fun as buying a house can be. He is very knowledgeable about Marco Island and surrounding areas.