Security When Selling Your Home

Danny Skelly  |  February 8, 2019

When we talk about security while your home is listed and on the market we are talking about steps to make you and your belongings safe. Even if you you are no longer living in your home and it is vacant security is sill an issue. Sometimes real estate agents and brokers don’t discuss this with their sellers for whatever reason. Maybe they don’t think of it or they don’t want their clients to be scared. None the less it is our job as Realtors to explain these things to our sellers if we are the listing agents.

One thing that should be said when your home is on the market is that you will most likely have people driving by to look at your home and see how close they can get. One thing you must keep in mind is under no circumstances should you allow someone off the street to come in and check out your home. No matter the circumstance you should give them a flyer or tell them to contact your realtor for a viewing. That way there is an added layer of security there.

If your home is vacant your major concern is vandals and kids just coming in to hang out looking for a place to party. Nothing worse than a broker showing up to show your home to a potential buyer and walking in on a bunch of empty beer cans. Even worst some youngsters doing meth in the Home listing security house. Then your new buyers go under contract and decide to do a meth test (which are becoming more popular) then your home tests positive for a meth lab. The mitigation is a pretty heavy cost. The best way to protect your home from these things is to keep some lights on when you are not there. Most homes are far enough away from the street in the Denver Foothills that people will see lights and keep on moving. The other thing is to ask your real estate agent or neighbors to do stop-bys every now and then to show traffic moving in and out and to make sure no one is camping out there.

If you have a security system it is kind of common sense to not give your master code out to your real estate agent to give to the listing companies but some people still do. What you need to do is consult your owners manual for your security system or call your monitoring company to walk you through adding a new code. You can also track the use of that code with most alarm systems.  You will want to even keep your alarm system active while your home is empty as well. Also be sure to change that code and give it to your real estate agent on a regular basis during your listing period.

One of biggest reasons I would never do my home for sale by owner is that there is no way to know the potential buyer.  It is rather dangerous to let strangers through your home that find your home on Craigslist. A buyer broker usually and should do at least some preliminary interviewing of a potential buyer. Most of them have even been approved and been working with that broker for a while.

As far as open house go there is a level of danger there as well. You have strangers walking through and sometimes the listing agent doesn’t have enough time to register all the people coming through. They also sometimes have multiple people on multiple floors at the same time. They don’t have the ability to watch everybody. So a good thing to do is to put all the jewelry in the safe or a lockbox. Sometimes a drawer isn’t the safest place. Another thing that some people over look is medication. Don’t just leave it in the medicine cabinet or on the bathroom sink. You will want to secure that as well.

There is a lot of common sense measures you can take to make yourself and belongings safe during the listing period of your home. Take the extra little bit of time for security and piece of mind. You can ask your Orson Hill Realty Agent what they think you should do to help make things safe around your home.

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