What Types of Fish Can You Catch Off the Coast of Fort Myers, Florida?

Danny Skelly  |  July 12, 2021


What Kind of Fish Can Be Caught Off the Coast of Fort Myers, Florida?

Some of the best fishing in the Country is In the Gulf of Mexico. Fishing off the coast of Fort Myers can be as exciting as things get. Reeling in a mahi mahi, blackfin tuna, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, jack crevalle, wahoo Grouper, red snapper, mangrove snapper, hogfish, tripletail, amberjack or cobia will be something you always will remember.

A Quick Overview of the Fishing Report for Fort Myers, Florida

There are four official fishing poles that are allowed to be used in the Gulf of Mexico. The poles must be marked as such and carry a license of some kind. In addition, all fishing poles must have an operating flag. Boat regulations are quite strict as well. It is required that all the hooks, weights, lines, etc., that are attached to your boat are in proper order. Many other equipment that you will need, such as fishing rods and tackle, are only allowed on your boat. The goal is to catch fish. Fish like forage fish like skipjack tuna, white grunts, amberjack, grouper and so on. If you are not a great fisherman, you can still fish from the boat and catch small fish such as blue fish, dogfish, mackerel and various other species.

What Fish Can Be Caught Off the Coast of Fort Myers, Florida

Black Mahi- Mahi Mahi-mahi are an aggressive fish and can reach over 75 pounds in weight. These fish are easy to catch and require minimal experience to do well. If you go with a person that knows their way around fishing you will have no trouble. Bluefin Tuna- Bluefin Tuna are extremely plentiful off the coast of Fort Myers. Bluefin Tuna are one of the most aggressive fish in the sea. These fish are a favorite for those of us that enjoy eating fresh fish. Some fishermen prefer to go after bluefin tuna while others prefer the blackfin tuna. However, don’t worry because you can get them all off the coast of Fort Myers. King Mackerel- King Mackerel are usually caught in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Most fisherman have caught king mackerel from the shores of Fort Myers.

What Gear to Use to Catch Fish Off the Coast of Fort Myers, Florida

Reeling in mahi mahi, or any type of fish, is not that easy. Fish have big teeth and huge mouths. I use a ¾ ounce jerk bait with 3/8 ounce circle hooks. My favorite is a homemade dough bait made of macadamia nuts and shrimp called the macadamia slapper. The dough bait has to be stored at room temperature. If stored at higher temperatures, the dough will turn to a mush. This dough bait is really simple to make and it will work for any type of fish. If you are like me and love to catch large trophy fish, you have to have the right tackle. I recommend a 12 pound test mono with 30 pound test braid on a deep set rod. My rod of choice is a PDP X24 reel and my 9 pound test mono leader is attached to the front of the rod by a downrigger weight.

What Kind of Fishing Lures to Use Off the Coast of Fort Myers, Florida

For inshore species like redfish and trout, a simple and inexpensive top water lure like a Heddon Spook or buzzbait will get the job done. This time of year inshore fishermen often switch to soft plastic lures like the Berkley Gulp Shrimp. Spanish mackerel and hogfish tend to stick to deeper waters and will bite off and on throughout the day. For the occasional boat angler who prefers a bigger bait to keep things interesting, we recommend a rig like a jig head with a spike or a speed worm. When it comes to deep water fishing, however, it’s always a good idea to keep some drag buster gear handy. Crankbaits and swimbaits will get you on some monster dolphin, mahi mahi, wahoo, sailfish and cobia.

What Kind of Rods, Reels and Lines to Use Off the Coast of Fort Myers, Florida

You can never go wrong with a good casting rod. Anglers will keep a 6-weight rod rigged with 50-pound mono on a 120 foot leader rigged with a wire leader that’s 12-inch in diameter. A jig and troll rod with 12-pound test monofilament or 200-pound fluorocarbon on a 1/0 circle hook will also do the job. If you want to work the bottom in 60-feet of water you’ll need a bigger fishing rod for 30-pound test braid. Sizing up a rod properly is the key to a successful fishing trip. The Florida fishing capital will also require at least 6 feet of line for your most effective tool. Boats and Trolling in Fort Myers, Florida You’ll want a good twin-engine boat that runs all day with an hour’s pay more for the fuel. From outboard motor to outboard engine, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

What Kind of Bait to Use Off the Coast of Fort Myers, Florida

For anglers looking for the fastest way to get a fish on the end of the line, chumming is the most popular bait. It is easy to use and comes in many different varieties. In the Redfish, tripletail, and mangrove snapper areas, bait of choice is live pinfish. From the ‘Super Spot’ to the north of Ft. Myers, a simple live pinfish will be all it takes to attract the fish. For anglers that prefer using fresh cut bait, cut bait like jumbo shrimp, and cut mullet are great choices. Cut mullet come in a huge variety of colors like silver, white, pink, brown, orange, and black. Mangrove snapper Mangroves are delicious fish. They live in deep-water, away from light. To catch one, you’ll have to use a small jig with live pinfish or chunks of cut pinfish.

What Kind of Fishing Lure to Use Off the Coast of Fort Myers, Florida

The Fishing Village of Fort Myers has been well known for its white perch, spotted seatrout, and black drum. These fish are all good eating so if you like fish, you can catch these kinds of fish right off the beaches. If you prefer sport fishing with your rods and tackle, try getting your favorite fishing lure in the water for the best fishing experience you have ever had. The colors you can get in your lures will depend on what kind of fish you are after. The lures I personally use for my fishing adventures are either a swimbait or a jerkbait. How Many Snook Does an Ocean Kayak Put On The Line Off the Coast of Fort Myers, Florida? If you’re looking to try fishing in the Ocean, snook are the fish of choice.

What Kind of Rig to Use Off the Coast of Fort Myers, Florida

Fishing off the coast of Fort Myers or anywhere else in the Gulf of Mexico, you want to use a great set of waders. What you need is a full body wader that is fairly warm, but also allows your feet to stay dry. In short, the size of your waders should be based on how much fishing you want to do. A 6’x6′ pair of warm boots will allow you to walk on the bottom in clear shallow water and you can use them in medium and deeper water when you are searching for fish. Take note of how much water you step in during your time off the Florida coast and make sure to go lighter when you go through deeper water. When it is time to get out, you will have a pair of boots that have done a little bit of damage to your feet. I have to recommend a small portable cooler and not one of the big ones.

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