The History of Hurricanes in Fort Myers, FL

The History of Hurricanes in Fort Myers, FL. Being on the warm Gulf waters makes Fort Myers a target for some major hurricanes. There have been a few hurricanes that have hit Fort Myers over the years.

The Hurricane of 1916

Hurricane season officially begins on June 1. Hurricane season officially ends on November 30. However, the ones that have made landfall have started before the end of hurricane season. The hurricane of 1916 formed on May 31 and hit Fort Myers on June 13. The storm was over 250 miles wide and reached a speed of 60 miles per hour. The hurricane caused damage throughout the Southwest Florida area including damage in the Florida Keys, the central Florida coast, and all the way up to Orlando. It was considered one of the worst hurricanes that hit Florida. There were over 60 deaths, but the exact number is unknown. The most famous story from this hurricane was when people on the beach had to survive on crabs from the water that washed up.

The Hurricane of 1947

The last major hurricane that hit Fort Myers was the hurricane of 1947. In the aftermath of the hurricane there was a hurricane relief effort in order to help those in need. The Hurricane of 1960 The last hurricane to hit Fort Myers in the past 100 years was in 1960. The hurricane caused damage to homes, schools, and businesses. The hurricane came ashore near Fort Myers Beach and created a massive storm surge that swept across the water towards the city of Fort Myers. Fort Myers is just hoping to survive the upcoming Hurricane Irma. With the track as it is now there are no real threats to Fort Myers. Still, the city is preparing for the worst.


The Hurricane of 1963

The first hurricane to hit Fort Myers was the Category 4 Hurricane Donna on September 13th, 1960. Donna made landfall with winds of 115 mph and a storm surge of 5.3 feet. It was a devastating storm that caused over $1 million in damages. Damage was most prevalent in the Miami-Dade County and especially in Fort Myers. Over 600 homes were destroyed and an additional 3000 damaged. Over 400 businesses were destroyed and the value of the city’s tax base was in the millions. Hurricane Emily in 2009 As a Category 3 hurricane, Emily made landfall in the afternoon on September 14th, 2009, making Fort Myers the second most recent city to be hit by a Category 3 hurricane. Luckily, Emily made landfall in Florida, avoiding areas that were still recovering from Hurricane Wilma.

The Hurricane of 2004

October 15, 2004 – Made landfall on Sanibel, Cape Coral, Naples, Tampa, Marco Island and Bradenton. Total damage was $17 billion. Widespread damage was reported throughout the area. Hurricane Charley August 13, 2004 – Made landfall in southern Florida and northern Mexico. Damage was estimated at $6 billion. Hurricane Frances August 18, 2004 – Made landfall in the Florida Panhandle as a Category 4 hurricane. Damage estimates were $18 billion. The hurricane later weakened into a Category 1 and moved inland as a tropical storm, causing additional flooding in the North Carolina Outer Banks. Hurricane Jeanne September 13, 2004 – Made landfall near the Florida Keys as a Category 3 hurricane. Damage was estimated at $6 billion.

Fort Myers is a very secure area and well equipped to handle major storms

The History of Hurricanes in Fort Myers, FL. Being on the warm Gulf waters makes Fort Myers a target for some major hurricanes. There have been a few hurricanes that have hit Fort Myers over the years. PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. — Michael slammed into Fort Myers, Florida as a Category 4 Hurricane. Those are the kinds of storms that flood coastal areas and generate power outages for days. Those major hurricanes are common in Florida and now we have more to worry about. The heavy rain is showing up on social media across Florida. It’s expected to be even worse Wednesday, as Fort Myers experiences up to 10 inches of rain. “It’s going to be one of those days. We’re going to have one of those days where it’s one thing after another.