Port Royal - Naples

Port Royal is a gem of Naples, Florida. One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Naples.

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Living in the Port Royal area of Naples is a dream come true. This vibrant, unique and historically rich neighborhood has the most expensive homes in town- and it's not just because of their prices that these houses are sought after. The custom built homes will give you an opportunity to fulfill your ultimate home furnishing dreams, like having five walk-in showers or a backyard pool if you want them! Another great thing about this community is how culturally diverse it is - with people coming from all over the world settling down here for good. It may not be gated but only accessible by one quiet road but this exclusive club remains coveted nonetheless!
Port Royal is known for being the gem of Naples, at least in its southern end. Named after pirates, this neighborhood cherishes and shines the light on its unique history. If you're looking to live in one of America's most desirable neighborhoods-Naples Florida-then Port Royal would be your best choice! Here you can build that mansion you always wanted with hardwood floors and five bathrooms--it's all up to you when it comes to customizing your new home here! One cool thing about living here is that there are people coming from all over the world so if housing isn't a gated community then good news: it does have an exclusive club! This club only has one entrance--very quiet!--and joining means passing by some awesome neighbors who are also members.
The Port Royal neighborhood is on the southern end of Naples and shines light on its own unique history. If you're looking for expensive houses in northeast Florida, then look no further than Port Royal- they are well known for their custom built homes among other luxury amenities. Want your dream home? This is your sign! You can choose from hardwood floors or granite countertops; a backyard pool or five walk-in showers when you live at this exclusive club where people coming from all over the world are welcomed with open arms! Though it's not gated, this community has an elite status that only one road provides admittance to.

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