Luxury Homes Fort Myers Florida

The luxury real estate market is really picking up in Fort Myers. Although the term “luxury homes” is a relative term. Usually, the luxury real estate market assumes a price that makes a home a luxury home. That could be very well true. However, it is a little different throughout the country. 

Luxury Homes for Sale Vary in Price Through Out the Country 

For example, I own a real estate brokerage in Colorado, their luxury market starts at about $2.5 Million. Here in Fort Myers you can get a high-end luxury home for about $1.5 Million and up depending on the area. A lot of real estate agents (myself included) look more towards the home and it’s qualities. High end fixtures and nice landscaping makes a home a luxury home. If a home has large master and nice kitchen with nice appliances this adds to it being a luxury property.

Waterfront Luxury Homes Fort Myers

More and more luxury homes on the water are more popular. Since the land to build on is so expensive it brings only buyers with enough money to build a luxury home.

Buying a luxury home is basically the same process (actually in many cases easier) as buying a less expensive home. The big difference is for the luxury listing agent. To market a luxury home you need to market in different areas than you would advertise a non-luxury home. I am talking about different websites and different social media marketing. 

As a normal rule the luxury market is much more of a steady appreciation than the other real estate price points. Since the market of people that can afford a luxury home is smaller it makes the market a little more stable and increases at a more normal rate. While lower price homes can increase at 15-20% in a single year, the luxury market usually doesn’t see that dramatic of an increase.