Is Southwest Florida good for fishing?2019-07-26T05:57:31-04:00

Yes Southwest Florida has world class fishing year round!

Will I be allowed to view HOA docs before closing?2019-07-26T05:56:09-04:00

Yes you will see all HOA docs including financial statements and Bi-laws during due dilligents

Should I get an appraisal to figure the price of my home before listing?2019-07-26T05:54:38-04:00

No that is an added expense that isn’t usually needed. Your real estate agent can help you determine the value of your home.

As a buyer should I get pre-approved for a mortgage?2019-07-26T05:53:05-04:00

Yes is always a good idea to be pre approved. Some sellers like to see a pre approval letter prior to seeing their home.

What is the normal length of a contract2019-07-26T05:51:29-04:00

There is no set length for a buy/sell contract but a cash deal is between 15-45 days usually. One with financing is usually longer around 25-45 days.

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