No not all real estate agents are Realtors. In fact more and more real estate agents are leaving NAR. Agents are seeing no value in being in NAR. They see it for all it is. It is a political lobbying group. They pay donate to politicians as a PAC. The national association of Realtors has really done harm to itself. It has gone way too political. Donating to one side more than the other. Not staying local. All real estate is local. NAR served a good function at one time. Not anymore. It is not what it use to be. To think just because a real estate agent is a Realtor and that some how makes them better at their job or more ethical is one of the biggest misrepresentations of the truth in the industry.

Do not just choose a real estate agent because they pay to use the Realtor logo. Choose your real estate because their ability to do their job.

Buyers and Sellers

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Realtors in Florida Will Soon Be leaving NAR

It is important to understand what the Realtor origination is and what it’s function is supposed to be. Realtor is a registered trademark for the Real Estate Union. That is it! It means nothing to the public for a real estate agent to be a Realtor. The Realtor association or NAR claims to be responsible for a lot of things. They may have been somewhere when legislation was passed but for them to claim sole responsibility on many things is a reach at best. They lobby to pass laws to protect Realtors and the real estate industry. They help at times for the public but not nearly as much as protecting Realtor’s rights. They also help agents collect money if they are cheated out of a commission from another agent and make sure agents act nice to each other. For example if another agent steals a client for another agent. Realtor to Realtor disputes is one of their major complaints. It is important to know NAR is not a real regulatory agency. That is done by the state governments.

How Many Real Estate Agents are Realtors?

This isn’t actually a number that can be found since the lone numbers that could be found are distributed by the Realtor beginning. They really don’t give you that detail. Remember Realtor is an overall start so we crunched the numbers from figures we got off They say there are between 4-6 Million specialists around the world. NAR claims an enrollment of 1,451,000. Straightforward mathematical enlightens us concerning 25% of realtors will be Realtors. I went through about an hour attempting to explore the NAR site to discover US information and I couldn’t. There is no uncertainty the rate is higher of realtors that are Realtors in the US. Not certain what that detail is since certain business sectors and state FORCE realtors to be individuals. Fortunately that isn’t the situation in CO.

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Does it matter if my agent is a Realtor?

Absolutely Not! The Realtor origination has become obsolete. It no longer serves a function other than a multi million dollar payroll for their board and a lobbying group that bribes politicians. A real estate agent either has ethics or they don’t. The right to use a logo does not make an agent better or more ethical. To think that is a dangerous and misleading thing for the public.

What is the difference between Realtors and Real Estate Agents?

Literally nothing by any stretch of the imagination. Real estate professional has transformed into only a political beginning. A realtor that isn’t a Realtor is basically the same (on occasion better) than Realtors. As referenced above it is a greater amount of a beginning that is there for the most part to ensure different real estate agents treat each other pleasantly. Realtors are acceptable and moral individuals for no other explanation than we are acceptable and moral individuals. There are a lot of realtors that are not Realtors. I work with them consistently and they are extraordinary realtors.

Is Nar the Same As a State Governing Agency or Licensing Agency?

Absolutely not. If an agent breaks the NAR rules they can be fined or kicked out of the group. Only a specific governing agency or commission can suspend or revoke a license. In the state of Colorado DORA our regulatory agency is much more strict than NAR. Again the main function of the Realtor Asoc. is to make sure Realtors play nice with each other and to lobby public officials. It is such a great origination that the large real estate franchises force their agents to be a Realtor. Realtor helps big agencies become even bigger. This is not what this broker sees as good for the general public. The big franchise companies try to get rid of the competition.